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Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop

The holidays are upon us. Cheer is being spread, gifts are being wrapped and loved ones are coming together from near and far. It’s a time to give and give thanks for those around us… unless you’re Ebenezer Snoop.

The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop is a story of love, loss, regret, redemption, and of course – partying. Animated by J.J. Sedelmaier of TV Fun House fame, this film follows Ebenezer Snoop and the adidas family as they travel through time looking for his lost holiday spirit.

But, this tale doesn’t end when the film is over. The adidas Ebenezer You facebook application lets people find out if they’re an Ebenezer too. Using complex algorithms of cheerfulness, this application scans a users profile to determine if they’ve lost their holiday spirit. And, much like The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop, users are given a chance to Un-Scrooge themselves. Ultimately, adidas has a special present for those brave enough to change their ways and redeem themselves.